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January 23rd, 2014, 09:37 AM

Oh my, what have we here? I'm selling off some INCREDIBLE FLEX pens today, and this one is truly one-of-a-kind. The Mrs. wants a pair of boobs. Yes, you read that correctly.


Folks, this a handsome Conway Stewart model 759 from the 1940-50s and it looks and behaves practically new. That's right. This vintage flex pen is in incredible condition it looks and writes as if it were new. The beautiful deep green marbled celluloid changes intensity as you rotate the pen in light and has a range of color to it that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Gold bands on cap. Gold pocket clip. Black crown.

Pens like this show up once in a while. Don't let her slip away.

Pen Box and Guarantee Paper
Pen box - a white, silk-paper wrapped pen box marked "Conway Stewart - London" on the side and "The Conway Stewart Pen" on the top. Pen box shows its age, but is in great condition. Inside the box is an original Conway Stewart Guarantee paper, and on the flipside you will find instructions for filling the pen. Paper shows its age, has a weathered and antique look to it, with some wear on the edges.


Writing Sample

Imprints and Markings

Nib and nib markings: Conway Stewart 14C GOLD
Pen imprints:
(around body) Conway Stewart 759 MADE IN ENGLAND
(on filler lever) The "CS" logo is imprinted.
(on pocket clip) The "CS" logo is imprinted.

All imprints are very legible, deep and crisp.


5" capped
4 5/8" uncapped
6 1/2" posted


This #2 nib is flexible, but capable of normal writing with a light hand. Pen writes very smoothly for me as a right-handed writer.


Pen Condition
Filler Lever in excellent condition. The pen has no discernible scratches to my naked eye. There are no discernible scratches on the end of the pen from posting the cap. This pen seems to not have been used much. Pen has been fitted with a new sac.

Threads on body are like they've never been used. Cap secures nicely.

She flexes very well, but with pressure. Without pressure, she writes a nice medium line. The feel when writing with this pen I would describe as stiff and sturdy with a smooth flow. The pen feels very light in my hand.

Pen does not leak, and in my writing with this pen it has functioned as you would expect a new pen to function.

Pen Finish
The finish of the pen is exquisite, with the only questionable area being the gloss of the clip. On the clip and the filler lever there is a patina (as you may expect on a pen this old) that shows some character. I have not treated it, nor would I. Should you choose to, you might be able to buff it out. Personally, I find that with vintage pens, the patina is desirable and adds value.

It would make a great addition to any collection, or would be a great pen for your first vintage flex pen!

Price and Payment
Payment via PayPal. $225 shipped CONUS. Ships from Utah via USPS, packaged and protected. Yes, I'll ship elsewhere, contact me for shipping pricing. Thank you for looking.

Iron Man approved!


January 23rd, 2014, 05:20 PM
I'm just saying this because I need to: I LOVE ERICH FROMM.

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Please kindly check pm!

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