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david i
March 28th, 2014, 08:48 AM

I'm pleased to announce the March 2014 Vacumania Website Update: The old pens are fully restored with 1 year warranty.

150 freshly listed fountain pens, etc.
Scarce Special Nib 1950's Sheaffers and 1960s-1970's Parker 75's
1920ís-2000ís, all out of production.
Parker Vacumatic.
Sheaffer Balance.
Parker Duofold (old and new).
Sheaffer Legacy.
Sheaffer Connaisseur including some top-end models.
Affordable Watermans($40+) and very much more.
Pics below. Do scroll. Policy at bottom.

This is the first Vacumania (Link) Fountain Pen Home Page (http://www.vacumania.com) website update in more than a year. Iím most appreciative that youíve kept things moving nicely during this remarkably long dry spell for updates, as pens still have been moving several-per-week from current stock and from want lists. Check out the home page for new graphics, including a photo by noted photographer and pen collector Bill Riepl of yours truly with his other hobby interests, one with four wheels. Vacumania (Link) Fountain Pen Home Page (http://www.vacumania.com)

Link to Main Sales Page (http://www.vacumania.com/website/forsalemainpage.htm) (one step from the Vacumania Homepage) offers everything, the freshly listed stock (orange box) as well as to hundreds of other neat old pens.

You can skip right to the freshly listed 150 pens if you must. Direct link to Freshly Listed stock (150 pens) (http://www.vacumania.com/websitesales/newpens.htm).

The fresh pens also can be found in brand pages accessible from the Link to Main Sales Page (http://www.vacumania.com/website/forsalemainpage.htm)

Subscribers to FP Scribbles (the 1-to-12 per year e-newlsetter from Vacumania) were given notice about the update yesterday (20-30 pens already in play). If youíd like early notice of website updates at Vacumania, you can subscribe without cost here: Link to Subscription for e-newsletter FP Scribbles (http://www.vacumania.com/website/newslettersignup.html) for Vacumania Website updates.

The past year has been engaging. Iíve settled into my new hospitalómedicine position out west, commuting from home in NYC to Wisconsin, having been made a quite nice offer by my old hospital medicine group director from NY to join a practice out there after heíd moved there. That Janesville is the home town of Parker pens proved a remarkable and tempting coincidence, or perhaps providence. So, now I spend 23 (very intense) weeks per year out west, the remainder home in NYC. Iíve bought two terrific pen collections and scattered smaller holdings in Janesville since starting out there. Happy David. You can see some of those hoard pens here:

Link: Janesville Hoard 1 (http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5198-the-janesville-pen-hoard-found-oct-2013pics/) (Includes prototypes. I have not yet shown many of the pens including 30+ Parker 75)

Link:Janesville Hoard 2, Mostly Parker Vacs. (http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5722-another-janesville-pen-collection/)

Link: Ohio Pen Show Hoard. Parker 51 Empire, Presidential 18k, 12 double jewel. (http://www.fountainpenboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5218-the-ohio-2013-pen-hoard-monster-51s-and-more/)

Again, the Main Sales Page (hit the March 2014 Update for direct link to just the new stock.

Whatís in the Fresh Stock? Well, this


Thanks for peeking:

I am sorting through initial orders already and some pens have been claimed, but basic policy is

One year function warranty on restored vintage pens.

First "Yes Fershure" gets pen.

Shipping $8-11+ in USA Priority Insured.

International Shipping generally $40-45, as Express Tracked Insured is necessary to prove delivery in case of a delivery dispute filed with Paypal.

Payment by Paypal is typical, though snail mail with postal money order can be arranged.

I'm happy to answer questions at isaacson@frontiernet.net (yes 2 'nets')

Best Regards

David Isaacson

david i
March 29th, 2014, 07:58 PM
~25 pens sold from the website last couple days. Thanks for the nice response guys :)



david i
April 7th, 2014, 12:46 AM
Thanks for the nice initial response:

Sold Pens

Sheaffer Legacy Black Laque

Sheaffer Connaisseur, Tasman Sea

Special Nib Sheaffer TM Touchdown (1951) Stub Triumph Nib

Special Nib Sheaffer TM Touchdown (1951) Fine Flex Triumph Nib

Special Nib Sheaffer TM Touchdown (1951) Stub Flex Triumph Nib

Special Nib Sheaffer TM Touchdown (1951) Double Broad Flex open Nib

Special Nib Sheaffer TM Touchdown (1951) Double Broad Oblique Italic Triumph Nib

Sheaffer Snorkel Peacock

Sheaffer Snorkel Fern

Sheaffer Snorkel Fern

Sheaffer Snorkel Fern

Sheaffer Snorkel Fern

Sheaffer Snorkel Peacock

Sheaffer Snorkel Autograph

Parker 1920ís Duofold Senior Red

Parker 1920ís Duofold Senior Red

Parker 1920ís Duofold Vest Pocket Pencil Yellow

Parker Modern Duofold Mosaic Roller

Parker Modern Duofold Black ďReverseĒ Chrome Trim

Parker 1940ís Striped Duofold Senior. Dusty Red Set

Parker 1940ís Striped Duofold Senior. Blue/Gray

Parker 1940ís Striped Duofold Senior. Green//Gold

Parker 1940ís Striped Duofold Senior. Green Gold Double Jewel Set

Parker 1940ís Striped Duofold Senior. Dusty Rose

Parker Vacumatic Slender, Burgundy,

Parker Vacumatic Standard, Emerald

Parker Vacumatic Snenior Maxima, Emerald.

Rotring (a few)