Rick Krantz
April 12th, 2014, 09:58 AM
New group of pens today. Couple of decent pens, and some leftovers, that need to find homes. Nothing expensive here, just a nice group of users. Someone told me to picture them with caps posted, and nibs showing, and they would sell better, we will see….

All pens have been service and are working, unless otherwise noted. Any issues have been pointed out.

Paypal works best, if you find you want a pen, please send me an email (no private messages) at: ckrantz3@msn.com

First “I want it” gets it.

Shipping charges are as follows….

USPS Domestic $3.00
USPS International $10.00

For one pen or several of them, you pay one time postage charge.

Thanks for looking, ask any questions you may have.


X1 Wahl gold filled metal pen in the 4 size greek key pattern, nice pen, has some wear, and brassing, but what makes this one spectacular is the super flexible fine point wahl 14K #4 nib. It is superb, if you are looking for a lot of flex for not a lot of money, here you go. ITEM PRICE $85

X2 Moore pen in black plastic, student model perhaps, super clear visulated section, some sings of light trim pitting, very faint, otherwise pen is in good shape. Nice Moore 3 14K semi flex nib, lever fill, fills, writes, etc.. ITEM PRICE $35

X3 Waterman 12 POC in bchr, some light discoloration, mainly on the cap top where an accommodation clip was (if you want it, I will send it along) otherwise nice clean eyedropper filled pen, these are a short lived model, right before the lever fillers, this is a screw cap eyedropper filler, with the funny looking barrel threads. Pen has a wide gold filled band, engraved with initials, has a nice 14K waterman #2 nib fine/medium semi flex, writes well. If you wish, I will send along an eyedropper so you can start writing right away. Keep in mind, you will want to get some silicone grease (available at any Home Depot in the plumbing section, little gray tube, last a lifetime) to seal the threads, since these had a tendancy to sorta seep. Anyway, cool pen, ITEM PRICE $75

X4 Waterman 52 in bchr, lever fill, some discoloration, mainly on the cap, chasing is nice. Trim is clean. This is rebuilt, writing, fills, etc… nice clean pen, with a waterman #2 14K fine fine (yeah, maybe borderline extra fine) nib, writes decent (I hate extra fines, so my opinion here is not the best) it has some flex, so this is right up someone’s alley! Anyway, good pen. ITEM PRICE $65

X5 Waterman 52 1/2v ringtop in bchr, lever fill, nice clean pen, fills, writes, has a waterman 14K #2 fine semi flex nib, nice writer. ITEM PRICE $40

X6 Waterman (ugh, can’t think of the model) slip cap 51 fighter, lever fill, this is probably my favorite writing pen on the whole sale offering, I would call the nib a rounded medium/broad, and I like it. Hooded nib, made to compete with the pen right next to it in this offering. Did not do so well…. Rebuilt, fills, writes, I like it a lot, pretty pen, gold filled cap, extra clean. ITEM PRICE $60

X7 Parker 51 vacumatic fill in black, gold filled cap, extra clean, nice pen, fine/medium nib, writes nice fully rebuilt and serviced, no issues. Cap is super clean, it is nice to finde these with no issues, ITEM PRICE $90

X8 Sheaffer lifetime balance in black, lever fill, clean pen 14K sheaffer two tone fine point, shorter pen, I sell a lot of these, they are nice and compact, visulated section. ITEM PRICE $35

X9 Sheaffer craftsman or 500 series in black, TD fill pen, average condition, pump fill, works, writes nice, 14K sheaffer 33 fine point nib. ITEM PRICE $25

X10 Sheaffer Snorkel Lifetime white dot, fine/medium alloy nib, new o-ring and snorkel tube seal, new sac, fills, writes, average condition. ITEM PRICE $35

X11 Sheaffer Snorkel Lifetime white dot, extra fine alloy nib, new o-ring and snorkel tube seal, new sac, fills, writes, Average condition. ITEM PRICE $35

X12 Sheaffer craftsman or 500 series pen, lever fill, average condition, Fills, writes nice, 14k sheaffer 33 fine point nib. ITEM PRICE $25

April 23rd, 2014, 05:02 PM
Bought two pens and I am well satisfied with them. Thanks.