Rick Krantz
April 24th, 2014, 08:36 AM
New group of pens today, Another busy week at work, hardly had time to do anything this week, got the last pens mailed yesterday and today, so figured we would do the sale thing today. Couple of decent pens, and few leftovers, that needs to find a home. Nothing expensive here, just a nice group of users. This week we are doing all capped, lol

All pens have been service and are working, unless otherwise noted. Any issues have been pointed out.

Paypal works best, if you find you want a pen, please send me an email (no private messages) at: ckrantz3@msn.com

First “I want it” gets it.

Shipping charges are as follows….

USPS Domestic $3.00

USPS International $10.00

For one pen or several of them, you pay one time postage charge.

Thanks for looking, ask any questions you may have.


A1 Bankers BCHR pen with gold bands, this is not a ringtop, nor did it have a clip. I believe it is a coin filler, where you stick a coin in the slot where a lever would typically be, and press it in to fill it, kind of simple and short lived. Anyway, it has a great banker’s 14K flexible fine nib, writes great. In decent shape, early bankers model from “1 Madison Ave, New York” ITEM PRICE $65

A2 Esterbrook J in dark cherry red, nice pen, band is slightly loose, but this one came with a nice 9128 nib. That’s a flexible nib for those that don’t know, kind of aharder to find nib. Writes nice, lever fill, rebuilt, ready to go. ITEM PRICE $45

A3 Univer ringtop in pearl and black. This one is a bit rough, multiple teeth marks cap and barrel, uncommon pen, correct Univer nib, 14K fine ish point. (Univer is a sheaffer sub brand) ITEM PRICE $25

A4 Eagle in wild plastic. Here’s the oddest pen in the group. This came with an incorrect but awesome nib, an ONoto De La Rue 14K fine flex nib. Nice to look at, and writs great. I figured I might as well leave it as-is…. Lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes. ITEM PRICE $50

A5 No Name set, high quality, well made lever fill ring top set, warranted 14K fine very ble nib, however, seems to have a sweet spot, meaning you may need to adjust this one a slight bit to suit your hand. The PENCIL does not work, otherwise, pretty pen in the steel quartz plastic popular in the early 30’s. ITEM PRICE $50

A6 Wahl Oxford lever filler in black, nice student pen, odd, this one came with a eversharp fine point marked flexible nib, actually has nice flex to it, real cool pen. Rebuilt, fills, writes. ITEM PRICE $65

A7 Sheaffer TD largest size pen, conventional 14K two tone Sheaffer lifetime nib, fine point. Fills, writes, nice sized pen, two items to mention, 1) cap band has a nick in the back, and 2) the barrel has a small tight, hairline at the base, with the ring, it seems to be fine, but I want to disclose all issues. It was too nice a pen to scrap, so figured I would offer it up for a good deal writer. Fills, writes, clean pen otherwise, ITEM PRICE $45

A8 Sheaffer craftsman or 500 series pen, chocolate brown, lever fill, average condition, Fills, writes nice, 14k sheaffer 33 fine point nib. ITEM PRICE $25

A9 Sheaffer 500 lever fill pen, black, nice condition, fills, writes, nice two tone feather touch 5 sheaffer fine point nib. ITEM PRICE $35

A10 Sheaffer 500 TD filler touchdown filler, in black, nice pen, feather touch 5 two tone fine 14K nib, writes well, ITEM PRICE $35