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June 9th, 2012, 01:33 PM
I have become quite enamored with the modern Conklin pens as of late. So, in that vein, here is my review of the modern version of the Conklin Symetrik. This is a remake of the classic from the 1920s, and holds pretty true to the original look. The pen comes in the standard but grandiose Conklin gift box. This baby sure is a looker! Now, on to the review...

Appearance and Design: 9

The Symetrik is a "streamlined" pen with rounded features, breaking from the flat top tradition of the 1920s era. The blue and brown cracked ice resin is simply gorgeous. The gold plated trim looks very good set against this backdrop, and I find the overall look extremely alluring. The cap posts well on the back of the barrel, and the pen feels balanced in my hand with or without posting. The section is comfortable to grip, even for extended writing periods. It utilizes a cartridge/converter filling system, and comes supplied with the screw type converter.


Construction and Quality: 8

The quality appears to be good overall on this pen. It is fairly lightweight, and the finish is excellent. As with other models of Conklins, the clip is the spring loaded "Conklin Clip" that opens easily with a pinch of the fingers, and grips even the heaviest weight materials with ease.


Weight and Dimensions: 9

The Symetrik weighs in at right around 1 ounce, and is 5 1/2 inches long. It is certainly not a small pen, and should fit even those who have large hands. I find this combination to be very near perfect for my tastes.


Nib and Performance: 7

The nib is two-toned stainless steel, with a gold colored Conklin logo and a crescent breather hole. The nib is very thin, and leads you to believe that there is flex here. Don't be fooled by this. I was. Applying semi-flex pressure will not be good for the nib, as I found out shortly after inking up for the first time. After straightening the nib because of my overzealous flexing, I find it to be extremely smooth and very juicy. It really is a pleasure to use, just don't try to find flex where it doesn't truly exist. The only other problem that I had was due to a piece of debris in the converter. The pen would write for a while, and eventually the feed would become starved for ink. Upon taking it apart for some good old fashioned flushing, I found and removed the debris. That completely fixed the problem, but certainly shouldn't have been there in the first place. These two issues have caused me to drop the score a few points in this area.


Cost and Value: 8

The Symetrik is by no means expensive, and I find the overall quality and joy of use to be well worth the asking price. It does carry the Conklin lifetime guarantee.


Conclusion and Final Score: 8

I really enjoy using my Symetrik, and am very happy with the purchase. I can absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a vintage look in a modern pen at relatively low cost. The smooth and juicy nib certainly had a part in winning over my heart as well.

June 9th, 2012, 09:29 PM
Thanks for the review and the photos---you've captured the colours very well! I have the same fountain pen and the green-marbled ballpoint and they both write smoothly. I was expecting some dry-out issues with the fountain pen (based on some very early Conklin pens I own) but it starts up right away with no hesitation :D
I'd say my fountain pen has some "spring" to it (like you, I wouldn't say it is semi-flexy, either).

June 9th, 2012, 10:49 PM
Thanks for sharing. Very nice looking pen. I have always liked the look of blue and brown together but never quite found it executed as well as on this pen.

June 13th, 2012, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the review. I love the colour of a great many of the conklin pens. This particular colour combination though is extra special.