View Full Version : Fiorenza writing paper - heavenly paper from Florence

August 22nd, 2014, 04:41 AM

This paper is of a cream colour, is in the form of A4, A5, and A6 pads of 25/50 sheets.

The company is from Italy, I have been informed that this company
sources its materials for the paper from Florence itself.

They also do leather goods and other writing materials.

This paper is so quiet when you write on it, but this is the kind of paper
that you can find out just how lovely it feels to write on with your
fountain pen. The samples you see is with my

1. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 90th Anniversary Le Grand broad nib. Using
Midnight Blue (non limited) ink. Wet is a beautiful dark navy blue, dries
darker, but not quite black.

2. Below that is a sample using a Mont Blanc Starwalker Rollerball. Using
a Lavender Purple ink.

It definately feels so smooth, never written on paper this smooth before.

Abolute delight to write on. You are unlikely to 'see' the difference in your

However if you are looking to feel the silkiness of your pen and
penmanship, you can certainly write for hours on this paper.
Save your more cherished or profound thoughts to write on this paper.
It will enchance your writing moments.

It is about a similar price to the G.Lalo paper. Completely different writing
experience and properties within the paper. G.Lalo's paper is from France.

Make no mistake Italy know ALL about quality, if you want to find some of
Europes finest silks, ties, materials, paper, think of that country.

Even some of the worlds finest leather goods are made in Italy.
The country that manufacturers Ferarri.