View Full Version : What is this Pelikan?

October 27th, 2014, 08:55 AM
In a move to fund a new Conid, I'm going to sell a few pens I've not used in a long time.

I can't figure out what this is. By the lengths, it doesn't see to fit into any M class.

I've included two photos. Cap screws on, cap band says Pelikan DOT W. GERMANY DOT

It is an internal piston filler. Nib only says Pelikan, the Logo, and 1.5


Thanks in advance.

Mike Margolis

October 27th, 2014, 10:07 AM
Green M150. Barrel should be 11mm in dia. It looks like it has a 1.5 CI steel nib which is new to me.
Apparently these were for export to Italy.