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Michael McNeil
October 31st, 2014, 04:28 PM
Hi all,

All of these pens are fresh from my workbench.

These pens all have been restored inside and out and are ready to fill
with ink and use.

If you see one or more pens that you like, please reply to me at:


Pen #1. c. 1932 Sheaffer's desk set in jade green with black celluloid
base. The color of the jade plastic in the pen has light
discoloration, but it is not too bad and it is a nice looking desk
set. The pen barrel is imprinted with the name Gertrude Dilling.
The only damage I found is on the pen rest groove in the base.
There are two 2 mm wide pits that appear to be burn marks. The bottom
of the base has two partial one inch stickers, for patent numbers, price,
etc. It still has the green felt pads. I re-polished the base and it looks
very nice. There are no bite marks on the pen taper. the nib is a smooth
writing Extra Fine/Fine 14K Lifetime.

Price $175.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see
"Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




2. c. 1926 Conklin oversize Endura flat top set in orange. The clip on
the pencil is loose and kind of floppy. The pencil works smoothly as
it should. It has one very small bump mark on the nozzle. The pen has
the incorrect streamline clip, but the clip is tight. The clip has
brassing on the top and bottom ends. The lever has some thin lines of
brassing on the edges and the cap band has about a .5 mm speck of
brassing. The nib has a crack from the vent hole about 5 mm. The nib
is a smooth wet writing fat Fine 14K. Capped the pen measures 5 5/16
inches or 13.5 mm.

Price $350.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see
"Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




3. c. 1943 Waterman's oversize Emblem fountain pen in black. I like
the lines on these oversize Emblems and they are a large impressive
looking pen. The cap band has some brassing on the top and bottom
edges, and the lever also has some brassing. The nib is a smooth
writing Fine 14K, #8/18 size. Capped the pen measures 5 3/8 inches or
13.2 cm.

Price $285.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see
"Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




Rules, Shipping, Etc.

The usual rules apply, the person sending the first e-mail on an item
~stating intent to purchase~ gets the item. I will give you 5 days to
decide if you like the pen or not. I prefer payment by PayPal but also
accept checks or money orders in USD. I can only accept payment by
PayPal from countries outside the U.S. I ship worldwide, so
international customers are always welcome.

Prices are post paid in the U.S., and will be shipped with a tracking
number and insurance. I normally ship inside the U.S. by U.S.
Postal Service Priority Mail, which is $24.75 to most countries,
except Canada, which is less. I can also ship to other countries by
by Express International Mail, if you request it, but it is costly.

Return Policy: I will always allow pens, or other items, to be
returned. If there is a problem I would prefer the chance to fix the problem
or replace the item, when and if possible. Otherwise a full refund
will be offered. If you find a problem and choose to send the item
(pen, mechanical pencil, etc.) to someone else to be corrected, I will
not be responsible for any other problems.

Happy penning!

Michael McNeil

E-mail: michael@northwestpenworks.com