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Good morning.
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Woke up to a surprise this morning: Aon/Willis merger has collapses
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Aon has to pay Willis a $1bn break fee. That's a lot of Mont Blanc Writers Editions.
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Thanks for the tip BP, I was involved with this process at the start, I will look it up
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BP.. if you're around there's an ink up your alley to guess
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By 'up my alley' do you mean we know the country of manufacture, the name of the colour, and whether it's waterproof? :P
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No... It's a FP maker that "makes" inks
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Precious metal type
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And it's not montblanc
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Precious metals immediately made me think of Krone...but I don't think they make inks. Also Yard-o-Led, but they are older than 40 years.
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Brown ink, Emily Dickinson, wheat...
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Found you some Skrip red htt://
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Cheers mate. Let's see what shipping comes out to
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morning--- Montgomerypens has a dodgy reputation from what I've read over the years
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Oh good to know, junglejim
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The site certainly doesn't look professional
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Shipping is $ two bottles would come out around $20 Canadian each. Not terrible. Thanks for the tip on reputation, Jim.
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Yeah, I've been in *that* situation where you wait and wait and after 6 weeks they finally admit it's out of stock *but* more is coming in severall weeks, LOL
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Tempted to just find a new essential red that is still in production.
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BP--Take a look at Mystery Ink#33, which was Skrip Red. Some folks posted red ink comparisons to try and identify it.
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I don't know if the company is reliable...
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Shipping 6$
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just found another sneaky spammer on the 'Photography-It's a start' thread
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this is quite sneaky forum in general
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the saleforum in directlu fraudulous on a regular basis
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I am the only one in town, the rest is at the cottage or somewhere else
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lovely weather here
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cloudy but very nice temperatures
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even this late
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10 at night now