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yeah, you'll get used to it
New 14:33
We don't have public transport here, and I don't spend time in crowds. But I'm thinking I should get a mask just the same. The grocery store (we only have one, isn't that crowded, but there are a large number of tourists going there.
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Great, thanks Morgaine
New 16:39
you might find some people to write to over on my forum. There has been talk about musical instruments
New 20:11
I'll look
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New 06:47
nudder 100+ day, likely 105+
New 07:38
nice day if it don't rain
New 07:55
no rain in sight for a week at least.
New 08:06
Morning jar. We're down to 81F though it feels like 90F... cloudy but no rain.
New 08:17
today will be the 18th 100+ day so far this year.
New 08:45
G'morning y'all
New 09:28
hi dave
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