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New 09:05
This is a whole plant in it's earlier years:
New 09:05
New 09:05
It's not fragrant though...
New 09:06
I might have some seedling in the ground... would you like those instead of the hips...
New 13:10
very nice!
New 14:27
Ideally it's best to get them from a nursery..when they are a good size...
New 14:33
Yes.. it's a handsome plant.. you can grow it as hedge or turn it into a standard.. very tough rose...
New 14:56
What is the colour of your rose? Is it single like mine?
New 15:16
New 15:17
I have two red colimbers, a pink one, sort of like double wild rose, and a few shrub types
New 15:17
It looks like US won the covid contest
New 15:17
highest death numbers
New 15:18
hopefully we are seeing and end to it now
New 15:19
India having the highest death number in one day
New 15:20
peonies are starting to sprout even the odd flowebud showing
New 15:47
in my County we are still averaging over 100 new Covid-19 cases a day.
New 15:48
yesterday was 198 new cases.
New 16:30
is that a lot?
New 16:30
I think we are around 200 and something, less than 300 a day right now
New 16:30
the entire country I mean
New 16:30
Norway is small
New 16:31
I heard a couple of virus experts mentioning the San Fransico strain, London strain, and the new Indian strain as the most worrying
New 16:32
...and I think there was a fourth
New 16:32
South Africa maybe
New 16:32
Those are the most common in new cases now
New 16:33
I guess it will faded out eventually, it`s been rampant over a year now
New 16:35
the garden is more fun now
New 16:35
I work at a garden center
New 16:36
My county is getting less than 10 per day.
New 16:36
as a short term solution until somethinge else opens up
New 16:36
numbers are declining now,
New 16:37
not sure about india and brasil, still dramatic
New 16:37
all the old are vaccinated
New 16:38
Here it seems that only people who don't want to be vaccinated have not at least gotten one shot
New 16:40
They're allowing 12 year olds to get them here..... and I hope we start sending the extra to other countries soon!!!
New 17:27
We have a population of something over 800,000 in my county. The latest stats so 87,000 have gotten first & second shots. So only about 1 in 10 have been fully vaccinated.
New 17:29
Yazeh, almost like your rose and single. I try to avoid doubles in all flowers. I think they're too crass. lol
New 17:29
arrow, it sounds like you have a nice garden.
New 17:40
My county has about 100,000 and 81,148 vaccine doses have been administered.
New 17:41
45% are fully vaccinated
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