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New 04:41
I have a couple FC pens but they really haven't been among my favorites.
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New 07:26
surprisingly, I like spam
New 07:26
and it is one of the tinned meats I always keep in the larder
New 07:27
which m&c
New 07:29
children, getting old is a bitch
New 07:29
every thing is on the no go list
New 07:30
not that much
New 07:30
my neice worked for many years as the social director on cruise boats in Hawaii
New 07:31
think Love Boat
New 07:31
so she sent me many of the oddities
New 07:31
the worst was Spam flavored Kona Coffee
New 07:32
Microsofts Development server is really slow today
New 07:32
New 13:34
amazingly we had a band of thunderstorms sweep through that was associated with the big low pressures system still in the Bay of Campeche and just off the Yucatan coast.
New 13:35
and we are on the least affected side.
New 14:11
nice here but the northern gulf coast is in its sights
New 15:40
yup; it has a number but not yet a name. predicted to bring rain all the way from the gulf coast up into Appalachia.