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New 18:31
in my case it was a field fire, likely burning off old sugar cane fields
New 18:32
probably south of the river
New 18:32
and it was a day or two old fire
New 18:32
now out and wet from the nights rain
New 18:33
neat how much you learn when you don't know that you are learning
New 20:00
Y'know that feeling, when you reach for your can of beer...and you're 99% sure it's empty...but there is still a good gulp left at the bottom?
New 04:32
and a cigarette
New 04:58
and then flick it on dry grass and whoosh
New 04:58
New 05:53
no woosh. the cigarette was in the left over beer in the bottom of the can.
New 06:02
good morning
New 07:14
we're in a cold front period
New 07:15
temps may not even get into the 90F range today.
New 07:42
Your cold front is our heat wave, jar
New 08:11
good morning
New 09:02
Good morning.
New 13:17
Good afternoon.
New 13:21
after noon
New 13:29
Way after noon
New 13:45
A lady is coming over to help me with the garden and planters in a few minutes.
New 13:46
got extra lobelia this year
New 13:52
Annual or perennial lobelia?
New 13:53
I love the dark blue annuals...
New 13:54
The red perennials, too, though they are short lived....
New 13:55
I tried the perennial blue, with the unfortunate name (Lobelia siphilitica), but it turned out white....
New 14:16
I'm not familiar with perenial lobelia. The blue is so common, but still spectacular. I'm looking for colour in my planters. Also it flowers for a long time. It's semi arid here, so not very plant friendly.
New 14:16
It's also hard to buy plants here. There's only a couple of nurseries and they're not that good.
New 14:50
You can always buy stuff online..
New 14:52
New 14:52
Fantastic if you're into roses and other kinds of shrubs
New 14:53
New 14:53
If you're into herbs and stuff
New 14:54
And for next year, you can sign up for Canning Perennials
New 14:54
New 14:54
They send really big plants....
New 14:54
And of course Botanus in BC
New 14:55
Their good with bulbs..
New 15:09
If you have a lot sun..and like poppies... you can buy a bunch of different varieties and sprinkle them in the dead of winter....
New 15:09
You'll be quite surprised...
New 15:09
Sorry Ole.... another obsession..... plants...
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