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New 17:48
hellooooooooooo, helloooooooooo..... quiet here today
New 17:58
Today in my pen life I re-sacced my sterling silver Waterman and bought a bunch of dip pen nibs some of which look like the Eiffel Tower.
New 18:09
New 18:09
Someone gave me a dip pen a few days ago.
New 18:11
Actually it's just about 4" long and 3mm diameter. And a dozen tiny bibs that slip on the stick.
New 18:12
I can write quite small with those. Maye even 1mm tall letters, but easily 1.5mm.
New 18:13
My eyes aren't that good any more, but being near sighted makes it quite easy to write small like that.
New 18:13
I fear that many people wouldn't be able to read it though.
New 18:14
It is, however, a way to save on paper for letters.
New 18:15
Is it one of those skinny mother of pearl dip pens?
New 18:16
and do you know what the nib is?
New 18:19
OH, are you describing a crow quill pen?
New 18:38
I guss that crow. The pen is just a piece of straight plastic rod.
New 18:38
I don't realy have much use for it as I'm not into dip pens, But it might come in handy. It
New 18:39
s certainly easy to maintain. lol
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New 05:02
more ning
New 05:43
Morning....Second year summer is starting in May....
New 06:31
good morning
New 06:48
Good Morning
New 06:54
Good morning.
New 06:57
getting hot here too. I left the door open all night and house is still hot. 25C in day and 5C at night. Can't stand it, but jar would be reaching for a sweather. lol
New 08:14
Ha ha Ole...
New 08:15
I really had a good laugh about you writing letters to economize paper
New 08:29
Ole, do you write long letters?
New 10:12
I do. jumping into convo!
New 10:16
I write rather short letters....but I use a lot of small stamps.....good packaging, lack of content.
New 11:04
lol just because I write a lot doesn't meant there's content!
New 11:56
true, why I have friend who can talk all night and never say anything