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New 04:16
that is the way I usually do
New 04:16
for some reason, I got the idea windows 10 wasn`t downloadable
New 05:11
morning. got the first disturbance of the season forming in the Bay of Campeche.
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New 06:26
need coffee
New 07:18
Good morning.
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New 11:47
ugh...feels like the morning after shoreleave. Need a heavy dose of morning tea. Dense fog this morning and 59F/15C.
New 12:20
I'm waiting for someone to come and haul away my credenza.
New 12:21
[That is not said metaphorically.]
New 12:31
PSA: if you own a MacBook (pro or air) buy and have waiting a pentalobe screwdriver. That way, when the day comes that your battery starts to expand and threaten to damage your laptop, you can unscrew the bottom of the laptop and relieve the pressure.
New 12:32
buy it now so you Sammy have to panic shop online at 0300 and then drive in to town first thing the next morning to pick it up. (Ask me how i know…)
New 12:33
sammy= don’t. 4656)$$(()) autocorrect/ swipe keyboard….
New 13:21
I received snail mail written in Mystery inks #34 & 35.
New 17:16
That’s �� cool
New 17:24
Are those ascii symbols I see.