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New 06:40
that part works
New 06:40
it's their software that sucks
New 06:41
the MobilLink is an app that tells you about the state
New 06:41
things like battery condition, service dates, lets you schedule the exercise without going to the unit
New 06:42
Texas grip sucks big time
New 06:42
No need of an app to know that
New 06:54
we're in a relative cold spell here
New 06:55
mid to high 90s/hgh 30s C
New 06:55
and they are already asking folk to conserve power between 4 and 7 each night
New 06:57
I finally fixed the kids computer that had issues
New 06:58
I installed a virtual Win 10 box to run Photoshop for him.
New 06:59
Photoshop works great but it's taking ages to update the damn win 10
New 07:40
there was a significant difference even back in the mid 60s between summer on the US East Coast south and Phoenix.
New 07:41
I'll take Phoenix in July over July on the Georgia coast anyday.
New 07:42
ofcourse Texas varies
New 07:42
the RioGrade Valley and West Texas are like two different worlds
New 07:43
life would have been better reversed
New 07:43
work in El Paso and Sleep at White Sands
New 07:55
we have lots of road runners and hares down here
New 07:55
the hares are also impressive
New 07:56
speaking of tumbleweeds
New 07:56
long long ago and in a land far far away called ontario riverside california
New 07:56
there was a racetrack
New 07:57
small and for sports cars
New 07:57
and both sand dunes and tumbleweeds were often obstacles come raceday
New 07:58
when the wind blue you'd get rivers of sand across sections of the track and tumbleweeds all thought they had the right-of-way
New 07:59
blue---> blew
New 08:06
the most expensive pen I've ever used was the Bic with which I signed the marriage license application.
New 08:07
no valid answer for that
New 08:08
well the little fanless computer I bought to replace the dead laptop has gone missing
New 08:09
UPS says they delivered it to USPS and USPS says they never got it
New 08:10
I believe our local USPS since they've always been reliable and helpful
New 08:10
well this was from amazon and so no issue getting a replacement
New 08:11
well if so I'd return one or pay for two
New 08:14
amazon says I have to wait until tomorrow before I can get a replacement
New 08:18
yeah, a day without that computer would really make my life difficult
New 08:19
what would I do
New 08:19
what would I do!
New 08:24
have fun
New 09:38
another named storm (but long away from me) already and that disturbance in the Bay of Campeche is now at a 70% chance of becoming a named storm by the end of the week.
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