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New 08:27
morning all. 55F/13C here with marine layer. Hoping the sun will peek out today so I can get some yard work done.
New 08:29
I see poor member 'hana' got scammed by an assh*le in the WTB section
New 08:52
ah JBB--- an LBD (Little Black Dress) for the wedding.! Dear Wife (DW) has a couple of those in the closet. You should top it off with a nice strand of pearls ala Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys
New 08:53
Elegant, but simple. And the grandkids should make a nice suitable distraction, LOL
New 09:21
ooohhhh-aahhhh! Nothing beats scrawling obscenities on the walls and mirrors, especially if no one can really see them, LOL. The same thing was used in the DaVinci Code where clues were scrawled on the Masterpieces throughout the Louvre.