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New 12:14
New 12:14
nice pens jbb
New 12:14
I had a period when I was fascinated by invisible ink
New 12:14
I remember I wrote a letter in lemon juice
New 12:15
I had to use dip pen, and the letter had to be ironed or held close to a hot plate to make the ink visible
New 12:16
the spy pens are nice though, UV light
New 12:38
nothing too exiting when I was in the Louvre
New 12:38
start early about 20 minutes before they open
New 12:39
I wonder if I ever shall go there again
New 12:40
David, Gericault, Rubens...
New 14:05
I picked a liter of blueberries earlier today
New 14:06
I think you call them hukleberries in the US
New 14:18
so, now, raspberries and bluberries in a bowl