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New 07:30
not that much
New 07:30
New 07:30
i remember seeing that there was a recipe for spam brownies… *puke*
New 07:30
my neice worked for many years as the social director on cruise boats in Hawaii
New 07:31
back in a bit, gotta go get gas for the lawn mower.
New 07:31
think Love Boat
New 07:31
so she sent me many of the oddities
New 07:31
New 07:31
the worst was Spam flavored Kona Coffee
New 07:32
Microsofts Development server is really slow today
New 07:32
New 08:06
New 08:20
Re loveboat: i am old enough to know the general tune of the opening credits, but young enough that i didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t watch it :P
New 09:24
reinstalled windows. drivers are not loading. many things not working
New 09:36
good enough for now
New 09:37
stupi one off custom crappile
New 11:35
Made a homemade lasagne yesterday for Captain Picard Day. Boiled the noodles, made the mest sauce, did the layers w/ mozarella and cottage cheese.
New 11:36
By the time it was ready to put it in the oven it was too hot. Didn't want to heat the house up any more than I already did.
New 11:37
Will probably bake it tonight w/ a nice salad and some Paso Robles merlot.
New 11:37
Bah... that should be *meat* sauce
New 12:25
mmmm sounds great
New 12:26
I like days like this to be bbq and salad
New 12:26
with some journaling and a maybe a letter thrown in
New 12:36
Lasagna sounds great!
New 12:36
but merlot????
New 12:37
New 12:45
yep. We buy it by the case whenever we are driving by the winery. Nice discount too.
New 12:45
New 12:48
[obscure movie references might only be funny if you've seen the movie]
New 13:34
amazingly we had a band of thunderstorms sweep through that was associated with the big low pressures system still in the Bay of Campeche and just off the Yucatan coast.
New 13:35
and we are on the least affected side.
New 13:40
New 14:11
nice here but the northern gulf coast is in its sights
New 15:40
yup; it has a number but not yet a name. predicted to bring rain all the way from the gulf coast up into Appalachia.
New 17:44
sounds like its time to "hunker down" (no?... no Steve Wallis fans?...)
New 18:23
over the rainbow?
New 20:42
YouTube: Steve Wallis
New 20:42
got my Mac back. Just over a 24hr turnaround, for a new battery, and new "top case" (since the battery is glued in and all...)
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New 01:33
sneaky group on the web
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