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New 08:16
son was sitting on floor, and I put a drop or three of quink in a little plastic shot glass. He said he wanted paper and I chucked some to him, knocking the little plastic vessel over...
New 08:38
G'morning all. Yikes, M, throwing things with an open ink container in the same room?
New 08:49
1000 or whatever carpet cleaner mousse is pretty good - can barely see the black quink
New 11:40
I got myself a TWSBI ECO for Christmas. Impressions: I can see it becoming an EDC, especially for travelling -- plastic but sturdy, good writer, holds a buttload of ink, & if I should lose it, there wouldn't be any weeping and wailing.
New 11:40
Well, maybe a tear or two.
New 11:55
I got the new green ECO for my niece who is in college. She's kind of artsy, so I think she will enjoy it