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New 11:21
Good Sat'y noon, y'all.
New 12:09
just received a nice Congress mini lever filler and a Wearever Deluxe
New 12:10
both write well
New 12:10
if you get a Wearever that actually writes, there are lots of nice looking plastics
New 12:53
New 12:53
there are a few post, people are irritated and annoyed by each other
New 12:55
I wonder what has come over us lol
New 12:56
I have noticed quite a few brag abou their Wearever pens, gold nibs on some
New 12:56
I have ordered too small in sacs
New 12:57
I need to remeasure, see what I can do
New 12:58
what are the guidlines, I measured diameter of the section, from rim to rim
New 12:58
there is the hole card, but it seems I need larger size
New 12:59
there is a wearever pacemaker in brown with very nice pearly stripes
New 13:40
Yeah, some places that sell sacs have a chart, but I think most people eyeball them
New 13:40
it's a little better to go too small I think
New 13:40
but if it's way too small it won't compress
New 14:45
New 14:48
i have BBC blocked for some reason
New 14:49
I should in theory be able to access it, all except tv
New 14:58
we are probably influenced by artificial intellegence to a much higher degree than we realize
New 14:59
I should know more about logarithsm
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New 15:05
New 15:12
two threads have been deleted
New 15:13
one for no good reason, the other has a bit harsh subject, but I would expect it would be moved not deleted
New 15:14
corretions, the fun thread is still there
New 17:56
gbryal, I need to up the size just a bit then
New 06:47
Good Sunday morning, y'all.
New 08:50
good day to you too Dave