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New 16:32
the last few weeks we have had a high in covid cases, not in hospitalisations. The cases are getting fewer and fewer, and no particular restrictions, stilll going towards fully opening up
New 16:33
i mean, the high was hit two weeks ago
New 17:10
I guess it's one of those things that shift quickly, move around
New 08:00
I wonder if we will think of hour time as the era of Elizabeth II
New 08:01
Americans and British count eras in regents
New 08:01
....much more than others
New 08:02
all the historic costumes, fashions, furniture, architecture, any thing can come in a victorian cloak even today
New 08:02
...a Victorian pen
New 08:03
first half of the 1900s was a lot of Edwards and Georges?
New 08:05
I would not mind a pen from George V time on the throne
New 08:05
or even VIths
New 08:57
New 11:53
New 11:54
always lots of drama uunder any regent, or republic for that matter
New 15:35
Numbers from Denmark, bars, cafees, restaurants, night clubs open, and no dramatic increase in covid cases, or hospitalisations
New 15:36
This will eventually be a global trend
New 16:01
could this sofa work in a modern home?
New 16:01
the veneer needs refinishing