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good morning
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Good morning.
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good morning
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morning all. 55F/13C here with marine layer. Hoping the sun will peek out today so I can get some yard work done.
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I see poor member 'hana' got scammed by an assh*le in the WTB section
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ah JBB--- an LBD (Little Black Dress) for the wedding.! Dear Wife (DW) has a couple of those in the closet. You should top it off with a nice strand of pearls ala Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys
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Elegant, but simple. And the grandkids should make a nice suitable distraction, LOL
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Dress option #2 is a black & white tea dress and THAT one goes with several strands of pearls.
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We're having a birthday party for my oldest grandson at the hotel before the wedding. We've bought really-unhealthy looking birthday cupcakes and assorted chemical-enhanced chips
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I also bought SPY PENS for them!!! with built in UV flashlights
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ooohhhh-aahhhh! Nothing beats scrawling obscenities on the walls and mirrors, especially if no one can really see them, LOL. The same thing was used in the DaVinci Code where clues were scrawled on the Masterpieces throughout the Louvre.
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@jbb Arrived Alive
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nice pens jbb
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I had a period when I was fascinated by invisible ink
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I remember I wrote a letter in lemon juice
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I had to use dip pen, and the letter had to be ironed or held close to a hot plate to make the ink visible
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the spy pens are nice though, UV light
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nothing too exiting when I was in the Louvre
New 12:38
start early about 20 minutes before they open
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I wonder if I ever shall go there again
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David, Gericault, Rubens...
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I picked a liter of blueberries earlier today
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I think you call them hukleberries in the US
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so, now, raspberries and bluberries in a bowl