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New 13:43
in French school...
New 13:43
So true...
New 14:04
Yes, ballpoints force you to write in their own way, if only because of the great force involved.
New 14:05
Morgaine, Yes! That's the toilet paper we had in Denmark in the early 50s. I've never met anybody else who knows about it. It was indeed useful for other things.
New 14:09
Yazeh, I don't know. lol But it seems that on this forum at least, that writing with a fountain pen is done in a certain way. A few years back, say 60 years ago. People just wrote.
New 14:11
Yazeh, I just posted about handwriting.
New 14:13
pdf is still loading
New 14:15
so, that's the r back to front!
New 14:16
I liked the f, looking like a used empty staple on its side, or an 8 flattened vertically
New 15:24
That script makes me cringe
New 15:33
how do you get on in the written thread?
New 17:36
I like that script
New 17:37
I know it's very primary school, but it has possibilities
New 17:37
especially with a flex nib
New 17:37
for everyday writing, it is a bit easier than english roundhand
New 17:40
people on FPG has all kinds of writing, personalised, very close to offical script styles, 1950s style non-cursive writing
New 17:41
I guess cursive only means the slanting, but not the fluent connecting of the letters
New 18:21
I don't think so. I think cursive needs some connections. I'm not sure. Would you call the standard draftman letters, which are slanted, cursive?
New 21:04 "ADJECTIVE Written with the characters joined." … "Cursive writing is written with rounded letters that are joined together."
New 21:09
"This is because Copperplate is visually a cursive hand, one in which the letters are connected to one another." —Eleanor Winters, ‹Italic and Copperplate Calligraphy: The Basics and Beyond›, p33
New 21:50
yes, I loked it up already
New 21:51
Interesting that in many writeups it is "claimed" to be faster. They don't actually say that it is.
New 07:05
New 07:10
New 07:10
5:10 am here - gotta have some breakfast
New 07:15
woke up to find outdoor temp was 7F today
New 07:15
Winter is truly here
New 07:16
so cold that my heat actually came on in the house.
New 07:16
that's the first time since February
New 08:57
I guess you don't spend much on heating, but more on un-heating.
New 08:59
minus 7C outside here. Cat came in a 4:30, had a snack, and went right outside again. He doesn't mind the cold.
New 09:10
Long haired or short haired?
New 09:13
28* at 0800 this morning; first hard freeze of the season. Supposed to get down to 23 tonight.
New 09:39
iceey patches here and there toda
New 09:49
medium haired in the summer, and long in the winter. I've got a fur mat that came off him last spring, and it's about the size of a small cat. lol
New 10:10
Ha ha!
New 10:29
I cannot remember the last time that AC didn't run for at least a majority of the day.
New 10:30
we need to do some sort of exchange
New 11:38
you guys do exchange. Where do you think all this cold is coming from?
New 11:39
now 15.1C at 11:39am
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