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New 21:32
did they bring you something amazing?
New 02:54
just after some pictures to use for my next vid.
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New 05:14
think I shall put the kettle on
New 05:14
New 06:09
think I'll have another coffee
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New 06:26
New 07:59
Morning to all...
New 08:02
hi Carlos
New 08:02
enough excitement for you?
New 08:15
Hi poeple. I decided to help our Royal Mail and start writing letters again, instead of WhatsApp or SMS. What do you think about this?
New 08:16
That will give also all my Fountain pens a job. :-)
New 08:16
I think it's a great idea.
New 08:22
Also I came to this conclusion because I never know what to write, after a couple messages back and forth.
New 08:23
If I send a letter it will take a couple of days, then the other will think a couple of days of an answer and then the letter needs a couple of days back. In the meantime new stuff happened I can talk about. :-)
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New 09:19
i write many letters.
New 09:30
Late g'morning all!
New 09:30
yellow is hard to read
New 09:43
More than enough excitement for me...
New 09:44
stay safe
New 10:11
is my video exciting? I shall try to speak with more passion next time
New 10:16
what is your youtube page again?
New 10:19
this is the vid.
New 10:20
New 10:21
New 10:46
Don't worry; it'll change again tomorrow
New 10:59
got it
New 13:01
Maria is up to a category 5 hurricane at 165 mph...
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New 13:36
New 13:36
that #3 in under 2 weeks
New 13:37
in 3s so should be ok for a while then?
New 14:27
another big eartquake in mexico... the 2nd this month
New 14:29
it is all go.
New 14:31
yes. yes it is