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New 04:53
Is your garden full sun, shade or in the middle Ole?
New 04:58
more ning
New 04:59
front full sun
New 04:59
but only in small spots where the sun gets through the trees
New 05:00
oh, and on the paved spots
New 05:00
I have not been able to get anything much to grow in the front
New 06:01
I guess it's because of the sun.. and no water..
New 06:38
Good morning.
New 06:40
Yazeh I thought you had seen my garden. Not the lawn across the lane. Just all those buildings by the CGS 100x100
New 06:42
you can walk back that url if you haven't seen the other pics
New 07:17
jar... I haven't gardened in hot climates... so I won't hazard a guess..
New 07:17
if it is important you can check out here:
New 07:18
No Ole...
New 07:18
I had not.
New 07:21
I'll take a look
New 07:22
Good Morning
New 07:23
Morning jbb
New 07:35
New 07:59
snowed this weekend. kinda. sleet mostly. weather is fun. high in the teens today. (Celcius)
New 11:47
BCDDiggler your presence is required:!/page527
New 11:57
I've contributed a short interval before normal service resumes with BCDDiggler
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New 15:07
Are those fruit trees Ole?
New 15:18
yes. One crab aple which is beautiful, but you can't use very many. One apricot, which I cut down - they grow well here but flower so early that frost kills the blosoms. A plum tree which is going too because it has a systemic disease.
New 15:18
And one very healthy machintosh apple which bears well. But I dislike macs. lol
New 15:19
I didn't plant them. The previous owner was a brick short when it came to plants.
New 15:23
Oh, and the pink flowered one over the deck is an ornamental apple. Small, pretty, but inedible fruit. But it's a looker.
New 16:14
I love Machinstosh apples and they're are not always available here
New 16:35
I always give them away, so they're not wasted. I used to love them when I was a kid.
New 16:39
weidest things on youtube
New 16:39
...that I actually watch
New 17:23
You can either go the shrub direction...
New 17:23
Or go grass...
New 17:24
There's place in BC that specialize in grass
New 17:31
It depends what your goal is...
New 17:49
I re-sacced a couple of hooded Waterman pens, possibly Taperites, nice writing pens.
New 18:47
Bravo jbb
New 21:21
Yazeh, I've already got lots of plants in the garden that go from year to year. I'm mostly looking for colour in the summer.
New 21:22
I get a blanket of tulips (hardy, species, and naturalizing) in the spring. And things like gardinias and roses that do well too, for summer..
New 21:23
but yes, I'd like to get more shrubs which are better for my declining abilities to keep up
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