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New 09:10
wow, caliche would certainly be hard to deal with. I'd be tempted to just get a few dumptrucks of compost on it instead. Probably cheaper too.
New 09:11
I got a truck load of compost in the middle of my garden some years ago. When I moved in, somebody had put a layer of red volcanic rock over the whole property.
New 09:12
that actually works like a mulch
New 09:52
professional for what?
New 09:53
my garden is OK. I don't have my sweetheart here any more, but she was a greenhouse professional, and I've been stydying plants for most of my life.
New 09:54
I just need help weeding and cutting the lawn now.
New 09:56
but yes, it's important. I need plants in my life.
New 09:56
ah ok. lol
New 09:56
yeah that's a whole different kind of challenge down there.
New 09:58
I don't know, maybe soil is expensive there too. Here it's not expensive to get it trucked in. I think I paid less than $100 for a truckload of high quality compost.
New 09:58
dumptruck size load
New 09:59
decent topsoil and a sprinkler solves most problems
New 10:08
nice, yes that's the way to go
New 10:08
yeah, I agree with sprinklers. They're very wasteful. If your
New 10:09
're growing fro money it's just a waste.
New 10:09
I use one because it's too hard for me to water by hand or deal with drip
New 10:11
it's extremely dry here. Typically, after a heavy rain, the soil is still dry an inch or two down.
New 10:12
roses. a few years ago I got seeds for a number of species roses that I thought I would like and would grow here
New 10:12
One thing and another (life intervening etc) and I've only got one of those. It has reddish leaves, and tiny pink flowers.
New 10:13
You would appreciate its great beauty, but locals here don't get it. The want the big bloom.
New 10:16
Yes, fragrance! me too. One of my favorites outside is wallflower. I've got an orange wild one that moves around the garden every year. Gorgeous, and deeply satisfying smell.
New 10:17
yes I'd like the link
New 10:18
My sweetie was from Nfld. When we went there a few years ago she collected seeds from a wild rose there. It's now doing well in my garden.
New 10:19
Looks like the chatbox is turning into the garden corner of FPG. lol
New 12:08
Thanks for the link.
New 12:11
I had a rose in Vancouver that I guess was there from the original owner in the 30s. It had big yellow pedals which, when you had the flowers in a vase, would fall on the table and look gorgeous.
New 12:12
That kind of delicate rose is very unpopular nowadays. People like them more industrial and crude these days. Oh well, it wouldn't grow in this area anyway.
New 07:01
Good morning.
New 07:02
congrats on another genny win jar