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New 05:48
my appliqué killed chat
New 05:48
good morning
New 06:00
Good morning jbb.
New 06:07
2°C here - there was a definite turn yesterday - we're on a slippery slope now
New 06:08
I put my slippers on. What's next?
New 06:40
morning and almost back to normal
New 06:50
g'day all y'all
New 06:50
it's a little less hot here, but the air quality is still borderline
New 08:10
Good to hear you're normalizing jar.
New 08:40
I am convinced gaming should not be considered a sport
New 08:41
ludo, scrabble, packman, mikado?
New 08:41
New 09:11
the olympic dip nib game
New 16:27
is covind ebbing out? ...or sort of evening out, normalizing?
New 16:28
I just see numbers in uk, are things more back to normal, less pressure on intensive care units?
New 17:11
yesterday in my county we had 275 new cases and the day before that 408 new cases.
New 17:11
no eb here
New 17:12
wer are back at the infection rate from a year ago.
New 17:17
wer ---> we
New 18:49
We've got a delta wave here in BC, but it's still manageable. next door in Alberta the've got a crisis.
New 18:51
Alberta, by the way, has similar politics to Texas.