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I couldn`t make the link work at all, I typed it inn, played around with it a bit, but nothing
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a crusader or a cursader
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If you simply search for Crusaders sword found by isreali diver
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good morning
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Good morning.
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more ning
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that is what I did
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Power out. Generator on. (Day 2.)
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New 11:17
900year old crusader sword
New 11:17
but there are many more
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same story, two clickable links
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maybe we repeat each other too much
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global hair wigs, that is different
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incredible story abt the sword! thanks for sharing! i hope someone follows up with the researchers about it
New 14:15
travelling is more complicated than I expected
New 14:16
the vaccines and vaccine certificates are funny business
New 14:18
even if people have exactly the same two jabs of approved vaccines, they might not be counted as fully vaccinated, if it is not done in the country givign the certificate
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I know they work to make travelling easier, and certificates compatible between countries, but they just are not
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I expected UK and London to be within a sort of compatible regulations, at least with EU, in spite of brexit
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AY.4.2 new subvariant of the Delta virus monitored in the UK. Currently making up 6% of the new cases, also seen now in Israel.
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It just keeps going and going, like the EverReady Bunny. Not good news.
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Just saw my Pulmonologist a few hours ago and she brought this information up to me.
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jbb---why does PG and E have the power out in your neighborhood? It's suppose to be raining up there.