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New 18:22
Interesting Pelikan with a lot of flex on sale on ebay
New 18:43
yeah nice pen. My Pelikan 100n probably has that much flex. I see by the sample writing that he was mashing the nib really hard because he couldn't make it move properly on the paper. I wouldn't push it that far. Probably nobody would.
New 20:03
Good to know..
New 20:03
Glad to see you about...
New 20:06
I'm going to Penticton tomorrow to get my truck fixed (the deer story), and they'll give me a curtesey car. It's almost 2 hours each way so I'm going to get tired. Nice to have an adventure though.
New 05:07
more ning
New 05:49
Good morning.
New 06:06
enjoy your trip
New 06:34
got the latest computer built only to discover that the old motherboard is toast.
New 06:35
replacement mb ordered
New 06:57
good morning
New 07:28
New 07:29
Bon voyage Ole!
New 09:46
Yazeh...that ink...I don't even know where to start!
New 11:58
It's truly a coincidence isn't it
New 11:58
It's not Noodler's
New 12:32
New 12:45
Hey DCDDiggler. Can you guess Yazeh's ink? It's like he's writing with new SAE30 motor oil.
New 13:32
got nothing
New 13:32
and it is audit time so I am swamped with work today
New 13:35
mb cross mocha?
New 16:05
New 17:46
mb == motherboard