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good morning
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...though it is after noon here
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good aftrnoon
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... though it's 6:42am here
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quater to four here, PM
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Ole, got a Midori cotton paper.... It's in the mail... will let you know how it is
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wow! very nice - congrats
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funny to see that. I just came here to make a similar announcement. lol
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a few minutes ago I ordered there Gnatural papers from them in 100 sheet boxes. 36gsm cotton, 60gsm cotton, and 100gsm wood.
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the wood is laid pattern which is hard to get these days. Everything is wove.
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Laid is traditional, and the most common, in hand made papers. You can't do the real thing on a fourdrinier, but it's possible on a rotary machine. Modern ones are just dandy roll, like watermarks.
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Oh neat!
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I'm looking forward to your review
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The wood is "normal" paper isn't it?
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lol yes wood is "normal"
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By the way, you thought cotton was soft. Well you're right in common book papers for letter press. See this:
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ok, nap time - back in a bit
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I have had sort of crisp paper made of cloth or cotton
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I don't know if I can get my favorite paper anymore, but similar qualities are available
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modern cotton paper is also mostly made of "linters" as opposed to "lint", which is rags. Linters are secondary and smaller fibers on the cotton seed.
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hard to find these days, and I don't know who makes it
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I shall have to test Crown Mill too
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Rodia is a bit thin sometimes
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I like wood pulp paper too though, some are better than others though
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Thanks for the link!
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arrow, I can see why you are attached to that paper mill. It's very old and a beautiful piece of history in your home town.
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So the stopped production there in 1981, but as far as I can see the brand is now made in the Netherlands.
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Norwegian Wikipedia says this: "Alvøens finpapir og «bøttepost 1797» leveres fortsatt til norske kunder. Fra 1981 av produseres spesialitetene etter avtale på en hollandsk papirfabrikk. "
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found this too: 80gsm all rag paper, $80 per ream:
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I like the Midori Cotton paper. I use pads of it and the matching envelopes for letters. I wish they made A5 notebooks with it though
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Thanks for letting me know
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Now the wait starts