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I wll burn it off on 400C, then scrubb the rust off. There are some kind of burnt or rusty spots
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that guy is in some kind of health ward now, I don`t think he is part of any terror network
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at least not anything beyond the www
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They describe him as Danish, I guess he came from Denmark at one point, but he speeks with a dialect from the souths eastern parts of norway
New 01:52
his school friends from years ago has been worried about him for a long time
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Good morning.
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Interesting observations arrow.
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good morning
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scorpio and mars are having a go at us
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World is going crazy. A long-time British MP was assassinated in church meeting his voters.
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Yes read it jj... so sad...
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It seems that the pandemic has removed from us the ability communicate.....
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How did we get to the point where killing someone is a way of expressing yourself and making a statement. So sad. It all makes some of the things we worry about seem so silly.
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I think it allways have been like that
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these waves of uncontrolled, or pent up emotions, anger, etc. In the Kongsberg case the shooter was probably more ill than anyone realised
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some of this is on the collective, I am sure, but it is harder to track down than the individuals involved
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it is far esier to address the results than to deal with root cause mitigation
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