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New 23:07
ya know, from my perspective, most of the reason that the conspiracies are getting any traction can be blamed on fauci and in canada Dr Tam. they LIED to us
New 23:08
they told us not to wear masks. now they all want us to wear masks. When fauci was called out on this he said it was because they were afraid the medical pers would run out of masks...
New 23:08
so they LIED to us. rather than just say "look, sew your own mask for now, until the N95 capability is built up, no one can buy an N95 except medical pers."
New 23:09
nope, they lied said masks "don't work"... which of course begs the question "then why to they wear them in hospitals!?" so, because they LIED, how are we supposed to trust ANYTHING they say?
New 23:10
it's the boy who cried wolf. except the lie was stupid, and obvious. they ruined their own credibility, and that opens the door for all kinds of conspiracies. The conspiracies are THEIR fault now. if they hadn't lied, they would have better credibility.
New 23:24
Trust is a very hard thing to build, and an easy thing to destroy.
New 05:11
they could have handled the messaging better
New 05:11
but it is true that most face coverings protect others more than they protect you, which is what slows the spread if enough people wear them
New 05:23
this Czech PSA (in March!) got it right:
New 05:56
but the real message is that a vast segment of the American population are simply divorced from reality.
New 07:09
That is very sad. And it shows in the statistics.
New 07:43
lied is not the same as not knowing
New 20:41
But they did know. Fauci when asked why the original message was to not wear them said it was because they were afraid they would run out. Lied.