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New 07:30
thunderwumpers east of me
New 07:30
thunderwumpers west of me
New 07:30
radar says no thunderwumpers on top of me until about 2pm
New 08:01
Good morning
New 08:02
more ning
New 08:04
. . . here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
New 08:04
New 09:16
Into the valley of ink, rode the M800?
New 12:39
weird day of emotional ups and downs today... :/
New 13:09
hope more upthandowns
New 13:10
got the tired old laptop working again
New 13:10
it's still slow but so far still running
New 13:11
took out the ram and the old network card.
New 13:13
the old wifi network card seems really flaky so back to direct connent. if it keeps working I'll see about getting a new wifi card
New 13:21
connent ---> connect
New 13:40
re ups and downs, bout 50/50. one of them, the major thing is an up AND a down at the same time... lots of cognitive dissonance...
New 13:41
what does the laptop get used for?
New 14:29
very little, mostly just WCG.
New 14:29
historically it only completed 2-4 results a day but every little bit contributes.
New 14:30
originally it was my mobile web developement tester.
New 14:31
but that was back at windows 7
New 15:37
I'm trying to picture how many computers you have set up and doing that... are they all in one room? do they sit "headless" or in "clamshell mode" in a rack or in a shelving unit in one corner of the room? are they perhaps spread out throughout the house
New 15:38
like some kind of active art exibit?...
New 16:26
five are in the dinning room, since it is never used for dinning
New 16:27
the table is pushed over into a bay window and one machine and the network satellite are there.
New 16:28
against one wall are three computer with one screen, keyboard & mouse.
New 16:29
on the opposite wall is a storage cart and storage wicker (fake) table with a small leveno laptop.
New 16:30
there is a small UPS for the single computer and router satellite and a very large ups for the three computers. The leveno is battery so no ups.
New 16:31
in my bedroom there is the computer that I use the most as well as the tiny little new computer as well as the second router satellite and they are on a medium sized ups.
New 16:33
in the office there are two computers, and old windows machine and the resurrected HP laptop on another mid size ups.
New 16:35
In the living room there is another windows micro sized computer with the TV as the monitor and another mid sized ups that also powers the modem and router.
New 16:36
the iPad also sits in a basket on the sofa
New 16:38
all the units except the Leveno, the old HP laptop and the iPad are desktop boxes mostly in a tower position.
New 16:40
oh, there is also some cloud storage disks here and there so all told about 15 or 20 TB available.
New 16:56
New 17:28
… if i had that many computers kicking around… My wife would lose it. But as long as you’re having fun, that’s freaking neat!
New 17:38
it was something to do during the times we were locked down.
New 17:39
It was far cheaper than playing golf and at least a few of the computers I built went to kids who didn't have a computer.
New 17:41
I'll likely end up giving most of these to kids as well but for now they are helping science fight true enemies.
New 18:48
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