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New 07:17
Epsilon likely will be born today or tomorrow.
New 07:34
Good morning.
New 07:40
jar, you know about Shaeffer Balance. Mine definetely does not post. Cap wobbles losely and doesn't squeese on at all.
New 07:40
nobody responded to that in the "people who don't post" thread
New 07:41
what's your take?
New 08:15
Yup. Some didn't. But it was pen dependant, another visually identical one might post.
New 08:17
Here are some Balance examples.
New 08:17
New 08:17
Look closely at he profiles and notice that even similar versions can be slightly different.
New 08:18
Remember that this was a time when much hand finishing was done particularly on upscale products
New 08:40
Thanks. That totally makes sence.
New 08:44
Except this page says "The balance is designed to be used posted"
New 08:44
so that's obviously wrong. If it was "designed" to post, then it would.
New 09:24
The early ones did post. Let me see if I have a picture on one of the early ones.
New 09:26
In this picture you can see a very early Sheaffer Balance as the 6th from the left.
New 09:26
New 09:29
designs change over time
New 09:41
Epsilon has been born.
New 11:11
Been busy writing letters
New 13:53
Thanks for the info jar
New 04:22
congrats Jar! who's Epsilon?
New 05:22
latest Tropical Storm soon to be YAH (Yet Another Hurricane)