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New 19:55
yes, even indoors - my house is leaky - but I got a reprive today which was warmish and calm
New 19:57
that said, I just ordered two bottles of Rohrer und Klingner, Alt-Goldgrus and Sepia.
New 19:58
seller seitz-kreuznach on Ebay sells R&K inks for CDN$11.44 with free shipping from Germany. I think that's the best price anywhere.
New 20:00
that's $8.59 US
New 21:19 has R&K inks for $5.17 US but you must spend $50 to get free shipping
New 08:05
hmm, I'll check them out. 50 bucks isn't much, although I've got my fill of R&K for now.
New 08:06
also, good morning!
New 08:21