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Good morning.
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Good morning, everyone! And how are you this fine and lovely day?
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fine but haven't been lovely in many decades
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I'm sorry that your day isn't lovely, jar. Here is bright, sunny, slightly cold and crisp,
New 13:14 aware, there is always something nasty lurking in the corner
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Just lask Morgaine
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Hey, arrow, watched, The Crossing (Flukten over grensen)
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was thinking of you most of the time...
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Lovely film by the way...
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/nick very sneaky
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I wasn't allowed to change nick
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I haven't watched it, maybe I should
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some made it over the boarder during the war, others not
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there are a couple of stories with not so happy ending, but I actually think most made it with the effort they could muster
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the author of the childrens book was born born in the 70s, so proably only her grand parents actually remembered the war
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it was strange years
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the stories that isn't told offically is the strangest
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after the war, children were undernourished
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sometimes they were sent away to Sweden or Denmark where they had access to better food
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a family was given the option to send one of their boys to sweeden for a few months stay
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after the time was up they where asked if he could stay another period and the mother agreed
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then it turned out that because he had stayed there for a long enough time for the family on the farm to have claim to him
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he never went home again, and the mother was never given a good reason other than that what was the paper she had signed
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I don't think that could have happened a decade later
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i guess you did not have anything like that in the UK, at least not fleeing from germans
New 18:46
you had bombings mostly?
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who has tried diamine Noel?
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didn't Morgain have the inkvent callendar one year?
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I'm off to bed
New 18:59
these delayed conversations turn out a bit odd
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Sorry, arrow.
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I don't know much about UK...
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I found the story up lifting...
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But the story of children being "abducted" are still common... even in our modern times...
New 20:58
As long as there is war... and orphaned children....poverty...
New 20:59
What I liked about the movie was the simplicity and economy of storytelling
New 20:59
and how they transitioned from archival B&W to colour...
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