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Gunpowder Green this morning
New 09:05
i think I am having black tea with hibiscus
New 09:08
Two new Edison models out
New 09:08
the Brockton and the Ascent
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New 09:35
howdy morgaine
New 09:53
G'mornin' y'all. Dull, gray day today. Awaiting my self-Christmas order from Goulet-ville.
New 12:59
what did you get?
New 13:00
Or is it a secret and you aren't supposed to know
New 13:00
Not sure about the Brockton, whether I like it or not.
New 13:01
I like Edison a lot. I don't know how they will compete now that there are colorful chinese acrylics with decent libs, like the PenBBS.
New 13:02
The Ascents are interesting; I never wanted the pointy-ended Premiere. But 2 of the colors are blinding. I sort of like the stormy grey one.
New 13:06
I don't think PenBBS will let me pick my acrylic and filling system, but these are the production models
New 15:58
anyone want to help me clean some pens?
New 17:20
Me! Me!
New 17:20
Goops, sorry, gotta go. Maybe next time.
New 17:21
Ooops, not goops!
New 17:21
Blankety-blank auto-"correct"
New 17:36
gbryal -- ordered a Kaweco Sport to replace the one that I lost, a bottle of Noodler's Whaleman Sepia (with a freeby Charley pen), and a bottle of an Iroshizuku brown whose name I have forgotten. Nothing major.