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New 10:15
There are some of the most amazing plants...
New 10:15
If I find a link, I'll send you one...
New 10:16
Yes, fragrance! me too. One of my favorites outside is wallflower. I've got an orange wild one that moves around the garden every year. Gorgeous, and deeply satisfying smell.
New 10:17
yes I'd like the link
New 10:18
My sweetie was from Nfld. When we went there a few years ago she collected seeds from a wild rose there. It's now doing well in my garden.
New 10:19
Looks like the chatbox is turning into the garden corner of FPG. lol
New 10:19
New 10:19
Love these stories Ole
New 10:20
New 10:20
Are the leaves fragrant Ole...
New 10:20
There's a species rose, that after rain, smells likes apples
New 10:20
rosa rubiginosa - Sweet briar rose
New 10:21
Gonna cook some lunch
New 12:08
Thanks for the link.
New 12:11
I had a rose in Vancouver that I guess was there from the original owner in the 30s. It had big yellow pedals which, when you had the flowers in a vase, would fall on the table and look gorgeous.
New 12:12
That kind of delicate rose is very unpopular nowadays. People like them more industrial and crude these days. Oh well, it wouldn't grow in this area anyway.
New 13:29
That must have been lovely rose...then..
New 13:32
New 13:32
You can also get some Labrador tea
New 13:32
Know that one..
New 13:33
Do you grow any Paul Barden rose's jbb?
New 13:33
I don't think so. We have a bunch of roses but I'm not much of a gardener -- it's survival of the fittest
New 13:34
I love gardens but not gardenING
New 13:35
Ah I see... I like that mentality...
New 13:35
Yazeh, is your passion for gardening equal, more or less than your passion for pens?
New 13:37
New 13:38
I have calmed down....
New 13:38
It was more...
New 13:44
New 15:39
vintage Parker SuperChrome ink is supposed to be really bad for your pens and I can confirm that.
New 15:39
[dumping down sink......]
New 15:39
.........which is probably bad for the sink..........
New 15:42
New 15:44
The nib and feed developed a hard-to-remove white, mineral crust. Hello Stands on Feet.
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New 15:53
New 18:20
used my Win With Wiki9e mechanical pencil today
New 18:20
New 18:57
wow, now that's something you don't see everyday
New 04:35
yup, I'll try to get a picture of it later
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