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New 13:54
... is this the dmv?
New 13:55
New 13:57
Doctor's Hospital @ Renaissance who is the State appointed Vaccine Hub.
New 13:58
I can't understand why it is not possible to simply build a list to get notified when it is your turn.
New 14:08
computer says no
New 14:11
New 14:18
New 14:19
abort at 0.1 seconds before launch
New 14:19
but still may happen today
New 14:34
just announce they plan on trying again in two hours.
New 15:58
has any of you used Windsor and Newton inks?
New 16:01
I have
New 16:01
Which one are you thinking of?
New 16:02
New 16:03
You lost your feathers?
New 16:03
I got once on a whim their Viridian...
New 16:03
What I've noticed that for coulour inks you need nibs, which can deal with it
New 16:04
Apparently some Brause nibs cannot deal with "watery" inks..
New 16:05
They work fine with black inks (like Sumi) for ex.
New 16:06
Ok the viridian was a drawing ink.. most my nibs hated it...
New 16:06
But I had the calligraphy inks (Black, blue and Green)
New 16:06
Best was the black...
New 16:21
Ole, if you're around, I found you a treasure trove:
New 16:37
no feathers or quills here, just nibs gold, metal, dip, fountain
New 16:38
they have a gold calligraphy and a drawing version
New 16:38
and they recommend to water out the dawing inks for nibs
New 16:39
at least some
New 16:39
I think it was water
New 16:45
I haven't tried those...
New 16:46
I would go for the calligraphy...
New 16:46
I remember seeing them in the store in the good old pre-covid days..
New 16:50
about a year ago
New 17:28
SN10 Launch was exciting!
New 17:30
Wow, it just exploded!
New 17:33
some minutes after it successfully landed. Which goes to show it's not over til it's over.
New 17:39
I guess pressure built up...
New 17:42
that's the thing about pressure building up - when you gotta go you gotta go
New 17:42
back in a bit
New 18:03
they'll still call it a success
New 18:43
and it definitely was a succeess
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