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New 05:38
great race is on. My generator has shipped and it is a race to see which gets here first, the generator or the next hurricane.
New 05:57
hi teroaktlus - navalny = ukraine, ukraine = eu, eu = germany, germany = cdu, cdu = nazi... germany vs russia = ww1 ww2 ww3, russia kill germany... choose your side, wisely.
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... "" ...
New 05:59
or perhaps you think yourself napoleon?
New 06:00
British are out, many more will follow... possibly last will be France before Germany left alone... i hope i am wrong.
New 06:07
p.s. Germany just want Russia's gas as cheap as possible. do you realise Putin ispossibly the only politician in the world who is operating beyond his own life expectancy?!
New 06:08
prove me worng.
New 06:08
prove me wrong, i will be happy for you.
New 06:11
Putin has no need to kill Navalny, Navalny is a puppet of an obsolete Germanic hypocrisy - they just want to subjugate everyone else, because they think they can. and i don't mean the entirety of the German people, only a certain faction.
New 06:26
Prove you are right in the politics sub-forum. Assertion is not proof.
New 07:44
good morning
New 07:47
hope your generator wins the race jar
New 08:02
me two. Some areas near me were without power for two weeks after Hanna
New 09:11
i am content to leave my assertion 'ergo cogitur', i am a cynic and a skeptic, therefore, i mostly prefer to be proved wrong.
New 09:34
Mr DeBakey's free, but he's a little bit conciliatory. Ahh yes, try Mr Barnard — room 12.
New 19:59
I've got $20 on the hurricane.
New 21:34
lol - hurricane is probably going 4mph and generator coming on a truck. Like the rabbit, the driver probably takes a long rest though.
New 21:34
gonna be close
New 02:55
Fingers crossed for your generator, Jar.