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G'morning! Back to the weekday routine.
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It's just another day... ~ Paul McCartney
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i am so lazy with letters this month
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I think I am losing penpals so I should get on it
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you won't lose me that easily!
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that's a relief
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Grail pen acquired... time to rest the wallet for a bit
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finally got that spider web jinhao you had your eye on?
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I agree that $3 is a bit dear, but it's probably worth it
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it's probably good to have a grail pen since it can signal you to stop for a while
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I don't have one so I keep acquiring
New 15:55
though more slowly now at least
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ambulance and police outside next door.
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gracious me
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do you know your neighbors?
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umm, the house is being sold by the daughter - estate sale (neighbour died oldish age).
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her son, I think, walked into the ambulance, and I saw a piece of notepaper handed to the paramedic by the policemen
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New 17:22
doesn't sound good
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ambulance has just pulled away - about 20mins to the hospital
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now you have to find the site that has the police scanners
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broadcastify doesn't seem to have them for you
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police came looking for him earlier - heard a helicopter too....
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perhaps trouble elsewhere or spotted online
New 17:29
police turned up about 2 hours ago, ambulance half hour ago
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and the woman with the key about an hour ago