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New 07:01
Morning to all! Seems we have a new spammer in our midst...
New 07:29
oh goody.
New 07:29
yup. i just hit What's New and bam, a bazillion posts by the same spammer.
New 07:53
the only reason I went with Solus, I play flash games still, and I could install flash just running on the dvd (no hard drive). So, when hard drive came, I went with that one... firefox crashed regularly, etc....
New 07:54
this one, touch wood, can go slow for a few seconds but I can do more things
New 10:52
thats good. I hope it works out for you.
New 12:31
well, i just turned two un usable Parker "51" caps into one useable cap. But it's still beat up, so im gonna try fixing the dents and re frosting it i think...
New 12:31
two UNusable caps :P
New 14:24
Well, that ended in abject failure. S'ok though, the cap was already in bad shape. now its in very slightly worse shape, and i've learned some stuff in exchange.