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New 08:34
a Keemun this morning
New 08:56
G'mornin', y'all. Chilly but sunny here.
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New 11:40
My postie has been ignoring me
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New 14:26
Does anyone know where I can purchase a new section (I have the nib) for a Waterman Laureat Mk I?
New 17:24
Ah, found my Edison. The sigil worked.
New 17:25
A new section; all I can say is try googling for the many waterman parts collectors.
New 17:25
there was one that I think just shut down.
New 17:25
Now, if while you are searching, you find a blue and cream Waterman 94 cap, please let me know.
New 17:26
one that still has a clip, preferably!
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Gunpowder Green this morning