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New 15:18
A lot of the stuff called caligraphy in general, is copperplate script
New 15:18
I don't know when it was named and formalised
New 15:19
on a computer we would call it fonts
New 15:19
as you well know
New 15:20
we have a trouble finding the exact nibs they had 60 or a 100 years a go, even 1980s nibs are not always the same, even if they are of the same brand and number
New 15:21
some of the older dip nibs weren't nearly as scratchy and gave gave a more even line,
New 15:22
I guess there are newly develped script styels, and modern in general mostly means what we do these days
New 15:22
we order stuff from the web, it used to be a local store, which I miss a bit
New 15:22
what I love about the web is the larger scope, I can order from London, Frankfurt, New York....
New 15:23
the modern part is arguable, or what exactly is the difference
New 15:24
I regard the old pens highly, not all do, we have to find our way among the new stuff too
New 15:25
not all of the old are that good, but some come off as absolutely the best, at least under 1000
New 15:25
I have been a bit surprised at the prices on some brands and models...
New 15:26
I generally aim in the Safari price range, but I have to admit, when I look for something specific, I am willing to pay
New 15:43
Sir: who did you mention yesterday knobing about old hard rubber pens?
New 15:52
3 kittens so far, kitten academy - more to come..
New 16:04
oh, no, not too many kittens
New 16:05
they need a home, a place to live, play and take adventurous walks out side
New 16:05
they killl a lot of newly hatched birds, not only rats
New 16:06
how many bird lifes do you have on your conscious Morgain?
New 16:07
I have killed masses of aphids the last couple of weeks
New 16:10
save a hedgehog, I hope it evens out the karma
New 17:01
I don't believe in karma.
New 17:08
water ever goes around, comes around
New 17:08
gods mill turn slowly
New 17:09
you have made your bed...
New 17:09
..there's something to it
New 17:10
In an old text Buddah was asked if karma was personal or nonpersonal (sort of communal)
New 17:11
I think he ended up answer something like it doesn't matter so he wouldn't answer anything specific
New 17:12
we work with the stuff we are dealt in life, regardless, some are infliced upon us, other things can our chosen actions and desires
New 17:12
call it what you want
New 17:14
some aim for personal development, others for the basic needs, money, food, house to live in, better furniture, clothes, friends, experiences....
New 17:15
along comes a lot of stuff
New 17:26
just got a Kirishima pen in the mail
New 17:26
it's an eyedropper with a shutoff valve.
New 17:27
the listing said ebonite and urushi, and I can't really tell if that is true.
New 17:43
There's much more to karma than the golden rule. The real doctrine, not the sanitized hippie version, says do not feed a beggar because you'll deprive him of his karmic lesson. In fact. don't let his shadow touch you.
New 18:45
looks like the mummy cat had been declawed so indoor cat.
New 18:46
these kittens live in the US state of Connecticat
New 18:47
fourth kitten out
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