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New 02:52
no fountain pen right now, the basic pilot gel roller and a keyboard
New 02:53
...slanted ovals, getting the trokes even,...
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New 05:23
mornin’ jar
New 06:06
hi carlos
New 06:06
looks like perter and rose are no threat
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New 06:29
Good morning.
New 06:31
Federal election voting today. I'll head by the local polling station later when I get a minute.
New 09:07
I already voted.. by mail...
New 12:06
not very inspired....
New 13:05
did you read the news about Bolsonaro in New York
New 13:06
He wasn't vaccinated, and restaurants didn't allow him in
New 13:07
weird, because everybody knows he had covid last year, and should qualify for a covid pass
New 13:08
The Canadian elections have reached the news here too
New 13:55
Bolsonaro is a throw back of the 30s...
New 13:55
Pity seeing history repeating itself..
New 14:46
not sure about Bolsonaro, I have only a vague comparison to trump
New 14:46
politics wise I mean
New 14:47
we had a knife murder just down the street from me
New 14:49
a social worker, bureaucrat, was killed on the job. Something had come over an asylumseeker, not much deails in the news
New 14:50
I was at work, thining about my job, and my pilot g roller
New 14:51
it was on the national news later
New 17:01
nothing fun today
New 17:01
...some music and pen doodeling