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New 09:22
Missouri is typically such a wonder place in the spring, but this year.... not so much!
New 09:22
Not whining, but just missing our wonder spring time this year.
New 09:53
Someone was saying about Oklahoma
New 12:36
Missouri, a river in the in the southern parts...
New 12:37, middle of the country
New 12:38
a very long river
New 12:39
I have only been to San Francisco, and a few places around there. I stayed i a mountain cabin ones,
New 12:40
By now the trees are green, flowering, the only thing that lifts my spirit lately
New 12:40
there is a member selling a Pelikan 140 with an EF nib
New 12:41
"sales to US only"
New 12:41
it looks nice
New 12:41
maybe I shouldn't bother, and find one closer to home
New 12:41
then are relatively easy to track down
New 12:42
flexy nibs on the other hand is a different matter
New 13:20
do you prefer flex nibs?
New 13:20
most sales I see for Pelikans on eBay are from europe
New 13:21
it seems like slovenia must have warehouses full of them
New 13:24
germany, serbia, hungary
New 13:25
once you stop worshipping the flex, the pen world gets much bigger and cheaper
New 14:05
I am searching, and have one
New 14:06
I am on the look for a fountain pen for spencerian, copperplate and similar style writing
New 14:07
I can do it with dip nibs, but it's not easy to set up ink bottles and it's messy
New 14:07
all the best flex nibs are pre WWII lol
New 14:08
and it's almost true, a few from the 1950s and even fewer current models, and only top of the shelf luxury brands
New 14:09
and cost about as much as my phone and computer together, maybe my record player included
New 14:11
Initially I didn't expect even the nice pens to cost that much, well unless they were made by Cartier and included a few diamons and rubies
New 14:13
luckily vintage pens can be a bit more affordable and still lots of fun
New 14:13
My every day pen is a firm nib
New 14:15
I am thinking about an early eyedropper with flex nib, and a later one
New 14:15
it should be enough for me to not fuzz more
New 14:20
I feel a bit demanding as it is
New 14:21
I wonder what it is a bout Omas Archos pens, celluloid will never be more than plastic, there might be a bit more gold
New 14:22
I had my eye out for and old Waterman or Mont Blanc, but they discovered the flex of some Pelikans
New 14:22
so I'm open to any well behaved brand or model
New 14:23
I apparently go for a bit of luxury, pearly stripes is always a pluss, gold nib,...
New 16:29
I think I'll have an early night, not even midnight
New 17:14
So, you can find flex in less well known brands, the only trouble is you have to try them
New 17:51
the trouble has turned out to be identification of the various nibs
New 19:43
they just aren't really standardized enough for that
New 19:43
sure, you can find a waterman "pink" nib but for most nibs it's more difficult than that
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