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New 08:38
G'morning y'all!
New 14:19
hmm, cooking... is that the closest smiley to cooking? or perhaps
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New 15:18
Is that some slow tv?
New 15:18
I watched the knitting contest one for several hours
New 15:18
This is the second Vac 700 I had where the cap sheared at the band
New 15:19
it's not like I am wrenching them closed or anything
New 15:19
I wonder if the 700r has the same issue
New 15:19
cap looks the same
New 15:34
Inevitable that as time marches on I'll end up with a box of broken pen parts
New 15:48
New 16:27
icey and cold
New 16:28
it's been in the news now about the Bergen line
New 16:29
the goverment say they willl save 12 billion krowners the way they plan to sell out
New 16:29
its' all ready partly taken over by privately run companies
New 16:30
we have this joint conservative-populist parties running the country at the moment
New 16:31
they always insist selling out to foreign companies will save money
New 16:31
in the long run it never does
New 16:31
the unfortunate thing is it doesn't show until 10 or 20 years later
New 16:33
or rather, only part of the accounting of cost and expenses are up for public scrutiny
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