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New 10:18
Log-log graph paper. Cool!
New 10:21
Is it just me, or has there been a MASSIVE uptick in new users on FPN with the “please help identify this pen” as their first (and usually, only) post? In the last couple of weeks?
New 10:22
seems like there are at least a couple a day right now… and almost all from new users with 1-5 posts. Almost feels like its being invaded by people using it (or more accurately, the USERS) as a research tool, likely for ebay…
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New 11:39
the other thing I've noticed recently at several boards are lots of new users that then return a week or so later and edit their message to add spam links
New 12:12
Well. At least on fpn i think you only have 24 hrs to modify it. I think…
New 12:12
good to know it’s not just me imagining that this is happening.
New 12:12
The birthday being celebrated is for a five year old
New 12:12
Chicken will indeed be bbqed
New 12:13
mmmm. Bbq chicken….
New 12:14
The graph paper is K&E Keuffel & Esser and I highly recommend it.
New 12:21
@junglejim I am aware of the "Full" view, but it still scrolls automatically to the latest chats. It's less annoying, yes.
New 12:41
It's not an easy chat platform.
New 12:43
mmmm...sounds yummy! Weather should be nice for an outdoor party up your way?
New 12:45
Back from the County Health Dept. Picked-up our free supply of Potassium Iodide tablets which doesn't for the next 3 years.
New 12:45
New 12:46
... salt expires?
New 12:55
you're thinking of Potassium Chloride, which is a salt substitute
New 12:56
Potassium Iodide is used to block the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine when a nuclear power plant melts down. We live 12 miles away from one.
New 13:02
well my ignorance is exposed... and partially rectified!
New 13:37
When i read potasium iodide i knew what it was for, and i found myself wondering “does the US just GIVE those out to everyone if they want it!?” But then i kept reading and saw the location vis a vis the nuke plant and now it make sense
New 13:38
penwash use the archive view to read backscroll
New 17:06
And Sodium Citrate will turn perfectly good cheddar cheese into Nacho Cheese Sauce....which LOOKS like it's been through a meltdown
New 17:20
i want nachos now... writing a letter to my aunt.
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New 04:46
Texas has started sending out power conserve notices. Our grid system really sucks
New 05:20
Not cool. I’m hoping that my next house can be offgrid. i don’t like being dependant on a system i don’t control and that i know is unreliable
New 05:29
I'm on the grid but with a whole house generator for backup. This winter we were without power for over a week so it really helped.
New 05:31
when the power was off I put some power strips out on the front porch so neighbors could charge their cell phones or laptops. It looked like a Geek Squads basement for awhile.
New 05:58
Jar: generator is my first (hopefully) purchase at the next house, assuming offgrid isn’t an option (which, unfortunately, it likely won’t be)
New 05:59
you are a better person than i am for sharing with your neighbours. One of my goals in the next house is to have isolation. I don;t want neighbours anymore.
New 06:30
We're on grid with solar panels on the roof, a generator for when the power goes out and a 4000 gallon water tank with its own fire hydrant for the fire department
New 06:36
Good morning.
New 06:36
jar's power strips on the porch somehow leaves with a good feeling and I can't get it out of my mind.
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