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G'morning all.
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About to head to the range with the old Walther P-38 that is likely older than I am.
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Good morning everyone!
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Have fun with that P-38
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No fun at all. Sucker simply a series of feed issues. Shot less than one mag full before giving up. Tore it down again when I got home but really can't see any obvious problems.
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I think I have some 9mm dummy rounds and if I can find them will give it some work.
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feed issues are usually due to charge/powder?
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Sorry to hear that you had feed problems. What type of ammo was it?
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Sorry to hear that. What type of ammo was it? Factory or reloads?
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if not powder, maybe case expansion not properly sealing i.e headspace?
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probably powder/charge though
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goes without saying mr. jar the mechanisms are all cleaned and lubricated, right?
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hmm, gunpowder issue? how about bat droppings? (was mentioned by Alice Cooper just a few moments ago on the radio)
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all cleaned and lubed, factory ammo, three different magazines, the ammo also works in other 9mm Luger handguns.
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issue was twofold; some double feeds, several no feeds at all; none were firing errors so powder simply not involved. Gun was made in fairly early 1941 (AC41 model with low three digit serial number)
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one magazine was original war product and two others were aftermarket recently made.
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kinda recent; made about 15 years ago IIRC.
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Mark the magazines, see which ones are working. Magazine springs could be weak, I would replace those that are not working. It’s not an ammo issue as it works in the other handguns.
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all three had issues. The original was a douple feed and the two aftermarket had failure to feed.
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yup, likely mag issue
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but for now a low priority
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Were the issues on the second round, every round or was it random in the stack?
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All the same ammo? If so, try a different brand.
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My Sailor 1911 sometimes jams on hollow point ink. Does okay with FMJ ink though