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New 17:29
I liked the Norwegian entry from last year. This year's was OK.
New 17:30
Germany got no votes from the public!
New 18:18
I'm missing a swan pen
New 18:19
it is suppose to have arrived on the 2. of may according to the tracking service, I have not seen it
New 18:19
I know I would not have forgotten a swan pen with flex nib
New 06:40
G'morning y'all.
New 08:54
New 09:01
it's evening here
New 09:01
I have dragged the hose out to the rose in the lawn, it's been so dry lately
New 11:42
i think I'd like to get some monteverde moonstone ink, but I don't want to just buy ink, so I need to get a pen
New 11:43
i think the Benu pens are original and neat, but the little Schmidt nib gives me pause
New 14:23
black ink?
New 14:25
I noticed those pens a week ago, never heard of them
New 14:25
I don't think getting one was my first thought
New 14:26
If you find a nice one, I don't think there's much against them
New 14:28
there's much more pen makers than I initially thought
New 14:40
New 14:48
I'm not sure if that's good or bad lol
New 14:48
kittens are cute though
New 14:49
I think I like it
New 14:49
I've been bombarded by rescue stories, of dogs
New 14:49
in terrible states
New 14:59
it is funny watching those three kittens
New 16:38
5. place in the song contest
New 16:38
and madonna reminded us not everyone gets to come into the future