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New 04:52
Still doesn't beat 0.20 lamy alstar I bought umm a while back.
New 10:17
G'morning y'all.
New 11:53
I got a FREE Esterbrook SJ a while back. To beat that, someone would have to have paid you to take a pen off their hands!
New 12:02
New 13:56
hi guys how are you all doing
New 14:32
hi can someone tell me what a demi fountain pen is
New 14:32
i just was perusing ebay and saw an ad for a demi lever filled fp
New 14:33
hello ? anybody ? on here now .
New 14:33
wow guess everyone left
New 15:06
New 15:08
never heard of a demi, usually it means small... Like maybe an Esterbrook CH?
New 15:23
or maybe a Parker Parkette?
New 18:17
well well when i receive it i will post a photo of it .