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bat out of hell on radio
New 08:42
song says - Pink it's the colour of passion - wonder which ink that would be
New 08:43
G'morning all. First snow this morning on the vehicles and the back deck, but lots of bare ground still showing.
New 08:45
enough for a snowman?
New 13:55
WOO HOO! Won a Parker 51 Signet set in the box for less than $30 in the bay. Just wow! Im so stoked.
New 13:56
Engraved but who cares at that
New 14:05
I was looking on Facebook at the marketplace (load of rubbish) but there was a Parker Sonnet ballpoint but engraved with West Ham football club badges... They wanted 200
New 15:25
I have tonic water to dilute, but with what... I wonder
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Rep power of 1. FEEL MY POWER!!! BWAHAHAHA!
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G'morning all.