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New 09:12
G'morning all.
New 09:25
sparkles found
New 09:33
got my order or hero 3008 and jinhao 992
New 09:33
a few more orders to arrive then it's raining pens for xmas!
New 09:35
sry - wingsun 3008
New 11:53
Morning all
New 15:03
New 15:07
Hello Everyone
New 16:01
hi anne
New 16:07
How are you?
New 16:09
How are you and Morgaine liking the new pens?
New 16:11
yes, used one today.
New 16:11
with the sparkley ink?
New 16:13
(( i have not written with my pens in a long while (
New 16:40
yes, sparkly,
New 16:45
sparkly ink can be fun!
New 16:46
very although not everyone appreciates it
New 16:52
I have yet to buy one, but I think they look pretty
New 17:00
I was almost exclusively a quink black user but then I was introduced to diamine and the colour...
New 17:01
I haven;t got a diamine black - got grey, and some dark bluey
New 17:11
i love the sheen on rouge hematite
New 08:34
G'morning all.
New 08:43
Happy Wednesday, everybody.