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New 09:56
G'morning y'all!
New 12:43
New 12:44
how much should I pay for a fix up swan SF2?
New 16:13
I let the pen go
New 16:13
I have to make an effort and bid on a SF2 once
New 17:09
I received my pen today
New 17:20
a bit too worn really
New 17:20
it was once a nice pen
New 17:20
not as flexy as described
New 17:20
how is full flex really? I guess it depens upon the seller
New 17:28
It certainly wasnt' a bargain
New 19:21
When I try to enlarge thumbnail, popup says I don't have access. I am logged in. What do I need to do to enlarge a thumbnail.?
New 06:48
morning. Dragon Well today.